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What is Intelligent Automation?

Transformative technologies have a problem. They’re hard to explain. Try telling a movie mogul from 1983 that within a generation people will not only watch their films on tiny slabs of glass they can carry in their pocket, but will shoot and edit big-screen quality footage on them too. You’d have got blank stares. Intelligent Automation (IA) has a similar challenge. Read more ...


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All Roads Lead to the Customer

Customer experience was a defining mantra for business throughout the 2010s, as organisations came to understand that their success was not only about with what they produced, but largely dependent on their relationship to the people who engaged with them. Read more ...


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Zen & the Art of Intelligent Automation

“What if we’re not thinking big enough?” That’s a question for anyone wondering why automation isn’t having a more profound effect on their business.

The secret, we’ve discovered, is that it’s not about size. The issue is often that automation is treated as a discrete project – like rolling out a new piece of software or a new product. Read more ...