RPA Technical Insights, Part 21: Transformation Begins With Education, A Guide to RPA Training Documentation

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When choosing which RPA tool to employ, the maturity of the vendor’s support and training services should contribute to your decision-making process. Vendors strive to make their products powerful yet accessible, often supplementing training material and additional assistance to ease the transition to RPA. If you are new to this technology, this material can prove to be invaluable in getting you started.

The Importance of Basic Training Material

The focus of this blog is training documentation. Offerings like structured training materials are extremely useful for getting developers and users off the ground in terms of understanding how to use the software. These often come in the form of user manuals, with pages of structured content that walk a user through a development path. Ideally, they can be downloaded and viewed offline, allowing for easy access and readability. Having a user manual or training guide present and accessible means that users will have a baseline understanding of the tools abilities, which are invaluable when it comes to design and deployment.


The Growing Popularity of Video Tutorials

Aside from training manuals, other forms of visually informative content like video tutorials are being produced by a few top RPA vendors. A training video, for example, can provide a demonstration of the step-by-step process of designing a practical workflow or how to use one of the tools abilities. This sort of content is best presented in a format that viewers can follow along to. In general, you will find that visual training materials are especially helpful for RPA, since most RPA software utilize a visual interface.

Other Training Outlets

As a seeker of RPA information, you might have noticed that vendor training content is relatively scarce. Fortunately, this may not be true for long. The RPA world is currently undergoing a massive expansion of training materials and opportunities to improve accessibility and meet growing demand. Some of the top vendors are currently developing online training courses, to provide comprehensive e-learning environments. E-learning is beneficial because it offers the whole suite of training, practicing, and testing.

There are other outlets to receive training outside of vendor supported material. For instance, Symphony host RPA and AI training workshops in collaboration with The Global Sourcing Association (GSA UK). These are not designed as development courses, but rather focus on technical and business subjects, aiming to teach participants how to strategize their business around RPA. Outside of these, Symphony offers specialized training for clients as one of our main services. So, be on the lookout for these if you want to gain valuable knowledge from the experts and grow your internal capabilities.


In today’s fast-paced, digital environment, it is critical to avoid being slowed down by a lack of proper training. It is prudent to expect your RPA vendor or service provider to give the necessary tools to help your team succeed. Whether it is a structured manual, training guide or a series of video tutorials, make sure that quality training material is available. Most of all, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts, like Symphony, for advice. We try our best to provide the proper tools and education to help your business succeed with RPA.

This is part 21 of a 22 part blog series by the leading experts at Symphony Ventures. It addresses how to choose the right RPA tools for your business needs. Drawing from our global team’s extensive knowledge in automation consulting, implementation, and managed services across a range of diverse industries, we’ve drilled into the technical criteria to consider when selecting which RPA software best enables your company’s digital operation strategy. Read part 20, Why You Shouldn’t Blindly Pile Work Onto Your Automation.

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