RPA Software Selection - making an informed decision

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Heading up the leading transformation consultancy focussed on future of work technologies allows me a unique insight into the market for RPA software selection.  At Symphony we answer many questions for our clients:

  • How should I set up an RPA centre of excellence?
  • How can I benefit from RPA when I’ve already outsourced my processes?
  • How do I integrate RPA into our process stack?
  • Can RPA drive efficiency in my call centres?

However, the most common question is “Which RPA software should I choose?  They all claim to do everything and that they are better than the next.”

Unfortunately the hype continues.   And as we now should all know, the software from each provider is quite different, works in different ways and they have their own strengths and weaknesses. I was hoping that vendors themselves would start to responsibly identify the cases where their software is stronger and focussing on those kinds of clients.  Unfortunately, I guess, fuelled by a desire to catch market share, some appear to be continuing to make claims that are unsubstantiated by proper research or evidence.

In our line of work we have conducted a number of detailed proof-of-technology projects for clients where we have pitted the best-of-breed products in the market against each other.  In each case we have defined extremely comprehensive requirements and assessment criteria based upon a detailed understanding of the client’s needs.  We have then actually implemented and tested those applications and their performance on the clients’ systems, both legacy and modern, to ensure the compatibility and capability to interact effectively with each of them.   The resulting output is a tome of research that, based on matching capabilities and requirements, specifically recommends a software choice using real empirical evidence.

I think it’s important for all of us that we move from ‘Hype to Reality’ this year.   This will be the theme of the significant series of OAISS events and webinars we are co-chairing with the institute of Robotic Process Automation (IRPA) this year.

Let’s move the debate away from the hype and start answering the questions about “how to……” so we can really start creating value.

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