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#RightPartner: A light-hearted approach to tackle a big industry issue

#RightPartner: A light-hearted approach to tackle a big industry issue

Ian Barkin November 22, 2019Blog

Howdy, Partner. Recently, there’s been talk in the saloon about being downright disappointed with RPA. We’re here to set the record straight and explain why having the #RightPartner is critical for intelligent automation at scale.

In case you missed it, in which case you’re likely wondering why there are so many references to western slang, have a look at this video before reading further.

While the video is light-hearted and a bit silly, the message is heavy-hitting. So, let’s dissect the lyrics:

They said Robots is easy.
So buy 10 right now pleazy.
Said their trainings free!
You can trust me.
There's nothin' to it, don't you see?
It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of automation – especially when you’re promised an easy implementation. So, you may be inclined to purchase a lot of licenses without having a formally outlined strategy.
But it ain’t quite the case
When it comes to your workplace
Change is hard, your work's complex
And digitizin' can perplex!
Truth is, automating bits and pieces of tasks may be easy, but making significant improvements on processes and achieving scale is challenging.
There's transformation, from IS, to BE.
There's rules and regs and policy
And lest we forget, we ain't flying solo
There's leaders, comms and change controllo.
What you need is common sense
A partner with experience.
One with skills, and wins to show
This sure ain't their first rodeo!
Some practitioners are so focused on gaining quick-wins that they overlook crucial groundwork:
  • Identifying long-term goals
  • Understanding the various sets of industry or government regulations and internal compliance measures that must be followed
  • Establishing a broad set of stakeholders to own and govern the automation strategy
  • Allowing time and resources for implementation and change management support
Right Partner
someone by your side
on which you can rely
to train your staff
who's a master at their craft
Right Partner
tells ya like it is
with end-to-end services
looks like you could use a hand
Ain't that right, partner?
So, don’t go it alone. Collaborate with an experienced partner that can point to successful RPA projects that have achieved scale and self-sufficiency. The #RightPartner is one who will provide advice, guidance, and expertise at every turn of the way. They’ll be straightforward and practical about what is needed and will offer the best solution for the challenge at hand.
The story this frontier town
Some have met the very best around
One that sure can orchestrate
RPA that is first rate!
Adhering firmly, through the years
To best practices on this frontier.
At Symphony, we’re committed to helping our clients achieve their automation goals by delivering the most robust and scalable IA solutions in the industry. Our founders helped to pioneer the industry and establish best practices and standards by which programs are measured.
Wanna maximize your full potential?
A right partner will be essential
So listen closely to what I’m sayin’:
Choose your partner wisely, or you’ll end up payin’.
While you can take a DIY approach to your RPA strategy, you’ll be better positioned to gain the most value from your automation program by selecting the #RightPartner from the start. We’ll help you avoid misguided automation initiatives and steer you towards scale that will drive true digital transformation.

We hope you enjoyed the puppet takeover, but now it’s time to get down to business. If you’re considering a new partner in your RPA journey, check out this page

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