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Digital Labor of Love - Valentine Edition

Ian Barkin February 14, 2015Blog

On Valentine’s Day our thoughts turn to love, to chocolate and to how quickly we can get Amazon to accelerate the shipment of the gift we ordered too late.  The first one of those (love) got me thinking about the future of work and the changing dynamics we are seeing.

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BPO = Business People Outsourcing

Ian Barkin January 05, 2015Blog

The last two decades have seen a world become flat thanks to high-speed networks, system virtualization, and an appetite to reduce costs by tapping into a massive supply of low cost labor.  The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry benefitted from all of these trends, becoming, by some ...

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Predictions for 2015: the year we usher in the new digital 'World of Work'

David Poole January 01, 2015Blog

It’s always risky predicting the future, but as I look at the changing ‘world of work’ and the revolution that is about to take place, some things are inevitable.  What we don’t know is how rapidly new technologies and ways of working will be adopted.  Many digital and automation innovations ...

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Simplify, Then Add Lightness

David Brain November 15, 2014Blog

sim·pli·fyˈsimpləˌfī/ verb        1. make (something) simpler or easier to do or understand.

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Marginal Cost Operations – when that NEXT thing costs NO thing.  Or, the death of the Linear Labor problem.

Ian Barkin October 15, 2014Blog

I must admit, I had an economics education from some of the best schools in the world, and I’ve all too quickly let the lessons slip away into my academic past.  But, one lesson merits dusting off.  The concept of Marginal Cost.  Marginal cost is the change in the total cost that arises when the ...

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What we can learn from “Humans Need Not Apply”?

David Poole September 12, 2014Blog

Amidst cute animal videos and other light entertainment that comprises the bulk of YouTube views, every so often a documentary will hit YouTube that captures people's imaginations. The latest of these is a short technology documentary 'Humans Need Not Apply' by the compelling and anonymous ...

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