RPA Challenge : "Beat the Bots" at SIG Fall Summit

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Symphony, in partnership with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software tool provider, UiPath, hosted a “Beat the Bots” challenge at the 2017 SIG Fall Executive Summit hosted in Carlsbad, CA earlier this month. 

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During the four-day event, over 25 attendees accepted the challenge to race the robots – an exercise which featured a manual data entry competition to transfer three records containing seven personal data fields from an excel spreadsheet to a web-based form.  The data entry performed during the race is a good example of manual workforce functions such as new account development, talent acquisition, employee onboarding, invoice processing, delivery order processing or claims submissions to name a few.  

Symphony sponsored the event and set out to develop an engaging, hands-on demonstration to highlight the benefits of RPA technology.  UiPath was selected as the RPA tool of choice and Richard Denton, Symphony’s UiPath Lead, took to the task of developing the race.

Organizations across all industries are increasingly adopting RPA for front, middle and back office functions ranging from human resources, to finance and accounting, to procurement and logistics.  RPA automates operational processes that are manual, repetitive, complex and time consuming such as those featured in the “Beat the Bots” data entry demonstration.  RPA can yield improvements in speed, accuracy, quality and compliance while delivering significant cost savings. Employees can be freed up to focus on more dynamic, engaging work while customers can experience higher satisfaction levels through improved interactions.  

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The Symphony team raced “SIGourney”, the fully-automated time and accuracy-based robot vs. attendees.  The demonstration also featured a second robot, “SIGmond”, the human-assisted RPA solution programed to data scrape and return results on recent NFL games and local movie times to further illustrate UiPath technology potential.

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“We issued a five-second delay on every step SIGourney performed to ensure humans could compete,” said Denton.  “At full speed, the UiPath robot would blast through the exercise with a completion time over 50x faster than the best human time we recorded.”

Over 25 people raced during the three-day period and eight human winners completed with times faster than SIGourney with 80% accuracy or more.  Winners were presented with a power charger bank provided by Honda of North America, Inc., while a grand prize raffle drawing for a $200 Visa giftcard was presented to Zachary Engles of Westfield Group.

SIG Beat the Bots Denton Bhandari.jpg During the event, the variation of human technique was notable.  “Some chose to copy and paste the data fields while others opted to manually key data,” said Denton. 

 “Strategies that focused solely on speed tended to result in higher human error rates, while strategies coupled with speed and accuracy netted faster times and higher accuracy.”

“The UiPath platform delivers automation benefits that are truly enterprise-grade,” said Sameer Bhandari, Vice President, Key Account Management, UiPath who was also in attendance “and we partner with Symphony to provide solutions that add tremendous value to organizations.”

Ian Barkin SIG.jpgSymphony Chief Strategy Officer, Ian Barkin, co-presented “RPA Roadmap : Setting Course for Successful RPA” with John Bookmyer of Honda North America, Inc. at the event providing sourcing professionals with tips and best practices to develop high-value RPA programs.

“RPA is about change management, talent governance and challenging conventions to become more efficient,” said Barkin.

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“At Honda we adhere to a five-step process to govern a successful program which includes analysis, initiation, development, testing and continuous improvement” said Bookmyer.

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